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Deep Communication is dedicated to improving the way adults and children interact. Cheryl Deep, M.A., is a communications expert and certified assertiveness instructor with a strong interest in teaching effective communication techniques to teens and pre-teens.  She earned her bachelors' in journalism (minor in psychology), her masters' in writing and has worked as a researcher, reporter, editor, humor columnist, and business writer.  She has facilitated marriage therapy and eating disorders support groups, assisted in the writing of a textbook on human sexuality, and co-authored a book on how to parent teenagers.   

Since founding the company in 2003, Cheryl has conducted more than 300 workshops for public and private schools, scout troops, church groups, PTSAs, professional development sessions, before- and after-school programs, and parenting fairs. Cheryl has taught hundreds of children and adults throughout southeastern Michigan to express themselves clearly, fully and honestly.  You can be one of them.
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Student and Adult Workshops on:

Public Speaking
Handling Conflict
Personal Coaching also Available
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