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Deep Communication
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"Cheryl is well-versed in the area of school-aged childcare.  It is rare to find a speaker who actually understands what we do and, to top that off, how important our role is in a child's school day.  Cheryl was able to connect with our staff through examples and role playing.  Our staff left the presentation with valuable information, as well as a great feeling about themselves and the impact they make in a children's lives."

Lisa Bouchillon, Assistant Coordinator
Plymouth-Canton Schools Extended Day

"Cheryl Deep is a sensitive, helpful person with excellent communication skills.  She has a deep understanding of how to motivate and engage students, and a passion for clear and practical approaches to teaching young people. 
 "Cheryl brought an innovative approach to teaching our 5th and 6th graders about good nutrition, making healthy choices, what stress does to them, and incorporating art while talking with them about their emotions and attitudes. She gave them practical ways to handle situations and she had a calmness to make students feel comfortable discussing all aspects of their life. 
It was also great fun."

Bob Steeh, Director
Novi Community Education

"I am pleased to have had Cheryl Deep share her expertise in the field of 
communicationi with my childcare staff.  As a before- and after-school
program, we interact with children and adults on a daily basis.  
Ms. Deep conveyed excellent communication strategies for us to apply 
in various situations.  She is both practical and entertaining in her approach.  
The role-playing that was incorporated into the presentation allowed staff 
to take a step back and look at difficult situations from a completely 
different point of view.  Ms. Deep is a true professional with a wealth of 
wisdom to share.

Jackie Beitz, Supervisor
Jackson Childcare Center
Livonia Public Schools


"Just a quick note to express my appreciation to Ms. Deep.  My daughter, Tori, was in the session and really enjoyed herself.  Ms. Deep really brought the right chemistry to the table.  She was organized and effective but at the same time very calming and kind to the girls.  Again I express my appreciation and look forward to future sessions."
Karen N.
Birmingham, MI
"Instructor was good, open to new ideas from audience.  Open discussion yielded good ideas for solutions."
Monique Turco
Grosse Pointe, MI

"Cheryl was great.  A wonderful speaker, great comments and suggestions!"
Debbie Der
Grosse Pointe Shores, MI

"I would love to attend another workshop. I learned to trust my instincts and not to back down from my feelings."
Noel Salisbury
Novi, MI


"Ms. Deep is cool.  I like the role-plays where we get to figure out what's the right thing to do.  It was fun but we learned stuff, too."
Samantha R., 13
L'anse Creuse Middle School

"I thought it would be boring but it wasn't.  I'm going to stop being a sheep and stick up for myself."
Michael, 8
Northville, MI