Students Age 8 and Up

Civilized Assertiveness:
Stand Up for Yourself without Knocking Other People Down
Learn the basics of assertive living:  How to express who you are without fear and without bullying.  Are you passive?  Are you aggressive?  Understand your communication style and how it affects people’s response to you.  Learn about body language, attitude, word choices and conflict.  This workshop is fun and interactive.  We learn by doing: students role-play real problems to find the best solutions.

Understanding Anger & Conflict
Anger has gotten a bad reputation lately as the 
emotion we aren’t supposed to feel.  But anger is a 
normal human emotion, like joy or fear or sadness.  
Suppressing or denying anger stresses the body and 
diminishes our health.  We learn what causes anger, 
how it affects our body and mind, and how and when
to express it.  We explore strategies to handle 
real-world conflicts that you suggest.

Banishing Bullying
See how attitude, tone of voice, relaxation and a little practice can help you cope with mean-spirited comments and actions.  Discuss the types of bullying and the difference between a person having a bad day and a bully.  We don't bully back -- we stick up for ourselves.

Public Speaking
Basic tips to calm nerves, control body language and improve presentations.  Students rehearse short speeches with constructive audience feedback.

Creating Kinder Classrooms
Assertiveness for Teachers
Smart Art:  Hands-on Projects that Build Character


Assert Yourself:  Parenting with Confidence and Love
Where Did My Baby Go?  Understanding Puberty
The Upside of Anger:  A look at our most under-rated emotion

Individual and small-group coaching also available.  Call or write for details.
Put Meaning in Your Message

   Workshops can be sized to last 1 to 3 hours.  Prices range from $75 to $150 per hour (plus materials costs), depending on topic, location and audience.  

   Reduced pricing available for 
cash-strapped organizations trying to do the right thing.
Deep Communication
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